Tailor Prices

Tailor prices are fixed however we do provide a discount for regular clients and large orders. We are also able to repair and alter clothes that are not listed below but before you use our service please contact us to confirm.

Collection and delivery of clothes is available in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire area.

Trousers alteration
Shortened £3.00
Shortened with tape £4.80
Full leg taper £9.00
Waist £7.00
1/2 pockets £4.50
Replace zip £4.00
Zips alteration
Jeans zip £7.00
Trousers zip £7.00
Dress zip £12.00
Dress invisible zip £13.00
Anorak zip up to 25inc £15.00
Jeans alteration
Shorter £6.00
Full leg taper £12.50
Waist take in £12.00
Studs £2.50
Original jeans hem £11.00
Half pocket £4.50
Dresses alteration
Shorten straps (plain) £8.00
Shorten hem £12.50
Shorten hem with lining £15.00
Take in side seams £15.00
Evening Dresses alteration
Shorten strap (plain) £10.00
Shorten strap (detail) £12.50
Shorten hem with lining £18.00
Take in side seams £20.00
Skirts alteration
Short hem unlined £9.00
Short hem lined £10.00
Take in side seams £12.00
Shirts alteration
Shirt sleeve plain £7.00
Shirt sleeve cuff £9.50
Take in side seams £8.00
Shorten £7.50
Take in with double stitch £10.00
Jacket and Coats alteration
Sleeves shortened unlined £9.00
Sleeves shortened lined £11.00
Sleeves lengthened £15.00
Sleeves shortened from shoulders £30.00
Jacket shorten hem £16.00
Lift shoulders £25.00
Take in side seams £16.00
Leather Clothes alteration
Shorten sleeves £16.00
Shorten sleeves with cuff £22.00
Take in £21.50
Shorten hem £23.00
Lifting the shoulder up £35.00
New zip £22.00
Shorten trousers £13.00
Kilts alteration
Shorten £20.00
Take in side seams £23.00
Motorbike wearing alteration
Shorten trousers £20.00
Take in £50.00
New zip £25.00
New zip for sleeves £16.00
Curtains alteration
Shorten unlined (price per inch) £0.15
Shorten lined (price per inch) £0.20
Shirts £1.00
T-shirts £0.80
Trousers £0.80
Kids items £0.50
Bedding £2.00
Pillowcases £1.00
Collection and Delivery
Collection of the Clothes <10 miles from Aberdeen £6.00
Aberdeen City Centre Collection £2.00
Drop of the fixed Clothes <10 miles from Aberdeen £5.00
Please contact me for prices
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