Hi, my name is Eva and I am behind the Aberdeen Tailor website. I was born in the Czech Republic and have now lived in Aberdeen for over 12 years. Here is a little bit about my hobby in sewing.

I have had an interest in sewing for over 30 years now. I use sewing machine called Anker Stretch which I bought in Germany. The machine has many functions that I like to use through-out my work. I first started sewing for my family. Repairing, altering and making various types of clothing like skirts, t-shirts, jackets, sweaters, suits, pants, trousers, motorbike clothing etc. My friends loved my work, so I started making, repairing and altering clothes for them too. I was also approached by an unnamed company who I subsequently worked for until I moved to Aberdeen. Since I moved to Aberdeen I have been sewing for my friends which has proven to be very successful, with more orders coming in every day.
During the past few years I started to offer my tailoring services to the Aberdeenshire area. I decided not to have a branch in the city centre and would rather provide services from my home to make the prices more competitive. As most of the tailors have to pay large rent for their stores, the idea was to offer tailoring services with affordable rates. During recent years, I have purchased top of the range, professional tailoring equipment to provide the best quality possible.

I also specialize in making clothes for pets and have made many clothes for cats and dogs including knitted sweaters with various designs and lettering.

Aside from sewing and tailoring, I have been providing upholstering services. This allowed me to gain new experience after gaining large order for upholstering in a local hotel.

I am open to any kind of cooperation and large orders. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Hi, I am looking for a regular ironing service within the Aberdeen area. I have a few questions regarding your ironing service: 1) Is there a minimum number of items required per service? 2) What are times available to drop items off? 3) Are items returned on hangers or folded? Regards, Brendan
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